My activities

Individual treatments

Clairvoyance and absolution

With my work I would like to verify that there is a solution for everything. For this, I do not provide the analysis of one’s situation but the dissolution directly.
In each case we work individually, always with and in the frequency sent into the present.
I can carry out absolutions on the level of time, and to heal and adjust the chakras I work in the person’s Akasha or the apologetic power of the Source /God/.
In the second half of the treatment I answer any questions asked and give the comforting solutions.

Healing with Iridescent Energy

The main point of this therapy is that white light contains all the iridescent colours of happiness. I transfer this kind of light into every cell and to the spiritual body to clean the spirit, the soul, and the chakras. I introduce the frequency which can be called the happiness light of the rainbow. There is a wonderful healing power coded in iridescent energy. This improves one’s general condition, and the healing processes get going in the body.
During the Iridescent Energy Course I teach and initiate this frequency, which I work with during treatments.