Between 2007 and 2010 I painted 14 mandalas. They form a family of soul relief.
These mandalas are pulsing at such frequencies which create space for Divine presence by the geometric forms of light-gates. This dissolves the energies of fear from both the space of human soul and outer spaces.
The names of the 14 mandalas represent what they dissolve, and these can be read where the names are listed.
The paintings can be ordered and bought in various sizes.
The mandalas shall be put in the room where we stay the most, either on the wall, or onto a shelf.
I highly recommend the 50 cm x 50 cm soul relieving mandalas e.g. for hospitals, workplaces, hotels, thus for places where much fear can be dissolved from numerous souls.

Relieving mandala order

25 x 25 cm, painted on canvas, mounted on wood,
50 x 50 cm, painted on canvas, mounted on wood.

Please indicate to what and how much you want to order!