Zsuzsanna Hamonn

Clairvoyant – medium – spiritual teacher

The list below my photo are merely labels, but I am content to leave them under my name, because I know that this is not the point! The point is my Divine essence! This is what I am willing to transmit to people and make them feel through all my services.

About myself

I was born in Budapest on the 16th of June in 1957. I have been living here since, and did my studies here too.
In the wonderful 6 years of my childhood I tried to explain to my parents that I saw and also heard the so called „invisible” world around us. This was not to the liking of my parents, which I can understand with my present awareness. But back then, being a child only, it was very painful that they not only doubted what I said, but also stuffed me with sedatives and cardiants.
At the age of 6, I naturally took these to my heart. Causing an ever increasing problem to my surroundings, I treated myself as a “trouble”, so I learnt to turn into someone I wasn’t. I became a good child satisfying everyone, and handed over the control over my life to those behaving “normally”.
This childhood agony presented itself as a physical illness after 30 years. Thanks to this illness I had an “out of body” experience for a couple of seconds. This seemed to me then a wonderful, deep and long, seemingly endless visit into an indescribable love. I felt like this was my real self. There was such brightness and radiance that later I put it as having Jesus with me. I had no religious upbringing whatsoever.
After this, I recovered very quickly, although the people around me did not understand why I was so happy all the time. This event opened such a gate in me in which everything seemed to be new, wonderfully radiant and ravishing. This feeling has stayed with me to this very day. I am aware of and grateful for always getting the best of everything since I am also the best.
At that moment this wonderful event brought into my life the knowledge of herbs, the pleasure of massage, the healing technique with one’s own blood, the acceptance and therapeutic application of our own urine.
I was very enthusiastic about experiencing such an abundance of miracles, and so started to study holistic healing, massage and a lot of other healing techniques.
I became acquainted with the Silva method, then Prananadi (the Tibetan New Method), became a master of the latter, and then also of Reiki. After all these, in New Zealand – by the teachings of the so called kahunas, shamans, I received ancient knowledge by which my spiritual knowledge rose to such a level where the ability to teach and apply Iridescent Energy during my healing sessions was given to me by the Celestials .
This is such a unique technique which, via the frequency of Iridescent Energy, resets harmony in human beings.

I have a wonderful life behind me, and I have been enjoying the joy of living and breathing in an eternal presence.

After my illness, I was healing others for free for 6 years, then learned to accept the means called money for my valuable presence.
My divine guidance brought a new task into my life. I began to paint Mandalas harmonising the frequency of Jesus, although I had never learnt how to paint. I only lent my hand to this job.

These MANDALAS, “born” with my help, are basically not artistic works but Divine manifestations or different forms of it.
This is why they have curing effect for both body and soul.
Personal Mandalas are painted forms of display of our Divine selves.
They are wonderful, and many people were healed completely by my Mandalas which they got from me for 5 years as gifts.

My mandalas are born in this presence and in a synchronised state, just like my Healing Mandala Cards, which were born in a way that during the last day of my exhibition in 2008 I received a message from the Celestials. I was given the task to organise the exhibited mandalas in the form of cards. Within a week I got acquainted with the people with whom –speaking the same language, using their professional knowledge, and the love of their hearts- we succeeded in creating the cards. And for one whole year I was receiving from the Celestials the messages meant for the cards.
By that time I already felt and knew that the use of these cards would bring great blessing for people.
All the 48 symbols of the pack were formed into mandala-pictures in the frequency of Jesus, and the messages in the book were born from the same source. They together help and raise our consciousness to a higher level.
Their daily use help to relieve our tasks which seem to cause us difficulties, and they open our hearts towards love.
A combination of the symbols on the cards, the confirmations presented in the book, the texts of the “blessings” in the messages and the use of the 48 sounds – set up a divine presence, a frequency, in which we, users of the cards, are making a recovery, and become enlightened.