My healing mandala cards were born to bring about spiritual harmony and reach love.
With their everyday use you can connect to the intelligence of universal love.
This pack of cards can stand by you as a partner. With its contents it helps your ascension and connects you to the ultimate source.
Lots of people turned to me in the past to ask for something which can help them come out of depression, despondency, low spiritual frequency, when they are out of control or are not able to come to me. 
Their request came true by my HEALING MANDALAS cards published in November 2010, which I had received as a medium in my channelling state.
There are 48 mandala pictures with numbers and names, plus a book containing the celestial messages. 
These cards connect us to our enlightened spiritual awareness.
From their messages you get the answers for your questions every day, and not only that, but the solution also. This wonderful celestial messenger is a real partner in everyday life.
As you work with these cards, you are being on the frequency of love. This is the frequency called new-awareness or Christ consciousness. But the point is not what label we stick to it with our minds but the function that it fulfils. 
The content of the healing mandala cards connects you to your real self that is love, divine intelligence. We are not part of terrestrial polarity, but not being yet aware of this, we believe ourselves to be.
Terrestrial structures of fear have gotten into our minds and hearts by our thoughts and feelings, and managed to obscure our real selves – true love.
The cards generate a connection with our real intelligence. This intelligence can manifest itself here on Earth when the cards are used. 
They are tuning You and thus by You our world becomes attuned to love again. The mandalas shown on the cards and in the messages, affirmations, blessings, sounds presented in the book raise the energy-level of your body of light, thus these cards are meant not only to transfer information but to dissolve past patterns too. Also, with their use we can connect ourselves to love, light, the very frequency we really are. 

Healing manadala card order

Personal messages can be requested both upon personal pick-up or by post. Celestials send these messages through me by channelling, which I then write into the book.