Every human being has a body of light, an original pattern of love. The personal mandala is Your real essence. It shows your geometric nature in the form of a mandala.
The personal mandala helps to get unbound from the mesh of energies that keep you under the restraint of patterns.
The mandala transfers towards you the frequency of your divinity. In the case of a personal mandala the affirmation written on the back side is a personal message sent for you.

You can order it for yourself, or anyone else to whom you want to give it as a gift.
How to order: send first name (of whom you want to order it for) in e-mail or sms, and the phone number of the customer.
Preparation time is about 2 weeks, then I send notification.
You may also order for workplaces, communities, hospitals, hotels, etc. In such cases the addresses of the locations are needed.

It is a very useful and beautiful wedding present because the couple receives messages, advices for how to live in harmony together. Naturally, mandalas can be ordered for already existing marriages, they are great help there too.

Personal mandala order

Personal mandalas may be ordered up to 2 x 2 metres, in this case prices depend on the size. 30 x 30 cm, painted on wood.

Please indicate to what and how much you want to order!